Long time no see…

So, since I was quite busy lately I haven’t been posting much up here. Here is what I did during the last time…



I’ve tried my hand at doing abstract everydays. Here is what I did so far (in no particular order)


I worked on a cave scene.


I started on a character and took it relativley far but in the end I ended up not linking the design so much so I didn’t took it any farther. This is the first character I’ve ever made so yeah…not so much to expect here in the first place. 🙂



I also worked on a rifle for the Android and I’m actually pretty happy with how it came out for that fact that I’m not that much of a gun modeler.The great design of the gun was made by Shockwave9001. Pay his site a visit if you wanna see some kick-ass weapons designs!


So yeah, that’s basically it, so you see I wasn’t totally lazy. xD.

Apart from that I did some smaller stuff like materials/textures and some tests for modular tilesets and stuff.



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