Silverback ABR

Finished the rifle I originally made for the android. Made a clean and a dirtier version.

HiRez shots:


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Long time no see…

So, since I was quite busy lately I haven’t been posting much up here. Here is what I did during the last time…



I’ve tried my hand at doing abstract everydays. Here is what I did so far (in no particular order)


I worked on a cave scene.


I started on a character and took it relativley far but in the end I ended up not linking the design so much so I didn’t took it any farther. This is the first character I’ve ever made so yeah…not so much to expect here in the first place. 🙂



I also worked on a rifle for the Android and I’m actually pretty happy with how it came out for that fact that I’m not that much of a gun modeler.The great design of the gun was made by Shockwave9001. Pay his site a visit if you wanna see some kick-ass weapons designs!


So yeah, that’s basically it, so you see I wasn’t totally lazy. xD.

Apart from that I did some smaller stuff like materials/textures and some tests for modular tilesets and stuff.



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Bit of progress

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Working on the mood and atmosphere and keeping adding stuff to this. Lots of work left to do though!



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WIP Bloodborne based fanart

Started working on a fanart environment based on my personal game of the year: Bloodborne!

These are really early babysteps and there is a lot of stuff left to do but yeah, slow progress is still progress, right? 😀

Rendered in CryEngine3 btw.


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The Skullsmasher

Got a bit inspired by the makeshift weapons of Fallout 4 and wanted to try my hand on one myself. As a base I chose a standard cricket bat and “pimped” it with several attachments. This is just the really basic and rough high res mesh in marmoset. Next step is bringing the whole thing into ZBrush and getting a lot more details in there. 😀



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Old radio

Did an old radio for fun an practice.

screenshot000 (2)

Marmoset viewer here ->

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